Female employee feeling defeated after being terminated

Employer Liability in Wrongful Termination Cases

No one expects to be let go from their job, let alone be wrongfully terminated. However, there is help available should this happen. The employment attorneys at Weltz Law share what employees can expect if they file a wrongful termination case.

Defining Wrongful Termination and Employer Liability

When someone is wrongfully terminated, their employer may be held liable for their actions if certain conditions are met. The law establishes specific criteria for wrongful termination cases, such as the worker being fired in violation of anti-discrimination laws or employment contracts.

Additionally, employers may not be allowed to terminate employees with illegal intent or even in retaliation against workers for reporting workplace issues. Employers can incur serious legal consequences when they do not respect these principles.

The Legal Process of Filing a Wrongful Termination Case

Filing a wrongful termination case can be a complicated legal process; however, it is possible to seek justice with the help of legal professionals. Before taking concrete steps, employees must understand their rights and the local regulations concerning terminations. Should employees feel their rights were violated during the termination process, they can launch an official investigation into the matter. At this point, it’s time to contact an experienced employment law firm specializing in wrongful termination cases.

How an Employment Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Case

The stress and confusion can be overwhelming if you’ve recently been wrongfully terminated. Luckily, the team at Weltz Law can shed light on the situation and help guide you to a victorious outcome.

Our dedicated employment lawyers understand the complex legal process and have the specialized knowledge to build a strong case and fight for your right to fair compensation based on applicable laws. We will also provide helpful advice at all stages of proceedings, from negotiating a settlement to setting up mediation and taking legal action in court if necessary.

Invest in the expertise of the nationwide employment lawyers at Weltz Law — let us help you fight your wrongful termination claim. Contact us online or by phone to get started. (877) 905-7671