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Should I Hire a Lawyer Before I Invest in Stocks?

Investing in stocks has never been easier with apps that allow you to put money into the stock market on your own. But is it the best idea to begin investing without the proper representation?

What Does a Securities Attorney Do?

A securities attorney can make sure you and your investments are protected should you invest through a brokerage firm. If you are going through a broker, that broker has legal obligations including:

  • A duty to make sure your funds are going to the most suitable investment;
  • A responsibility to share any concerns about your current or potential investments; and,
  • Fiduciary duty, which is putting your interests above their own.

While it’s convenient to “play around” in the stock market through a stock app, if you are seriously considering investing in the stock market for your future, it’s best to go through a licensed brokerage firm and more importantly, have a securities attorney readily available.

What are the Benefits of a Securities Attorney?

There are several key benefits of hiring a securities attorney before you begin investing. The most significant benefit is that a securities attorney is the most knowledgeable in buying and selling stock. They will also support you should you have any investment dispute-related issues. These issues could include:

  • Not being able to access funds;
  • Not being informed which could lead to fraud or misrepresentation; and,
  • Foreign investment disputes.

Another benefit of hiring a securities attorney is that they will represent you should your funds be mishandled. An example of this could be if the company you bought stock in committed actions such as investor fraud or insider trading. The securities attorney can represent you in a lawsuit and will fight for you to be reimbursed for lost investments.

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